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Please use this page for REORDERS ONLY.

You may change these items ONLY from your previous order:

For Checks, you may change

  • print quantity
  • check paper color
  • check starting number, of course

For Blank Stock, you may change

  • quantity
  • check position
  • paper color

If any of the PRINTED information on your checks or software compatibility has changed, DO NOT USE THIS FORM; please order by choosing the appropriate product on the home page.

If your "Bill To" or "Ship To" information has changed, please enter the changes in the Comments area below. If you need to reorder multiple items, please use the "Comments" area below and be specific.


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Check "Yes" only if you feed your checks to the printer face-down, and your printer takes the top check.

New BLANK PAPER STOCK Order Information

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Number of checks (not sheets)

Check Position

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Once you click the "Send Your Order" button, your reorder will be sent to Laser Check. We will contact you if we have any questions.

Thank you for your continued business!